Live Like George Jetson for Less than 100 Euros a Night

A friend’s visit to Amsterdam got me thinking about one of my favorite hotels – the citizenM at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. I read a short blurb about it in a travel magazine, and a few months later a work trip gave me an excuse to stay there. It was the Jetson-esque bathroom tubes that caught my eye in the magazine, but there is so much else to love. A “mood pad” remote control that runs almost everything in the room –the room lights, the multi-colored “mood lighting”, the TV, the thermostat, the alarm/wake up call, the blinds. A big comfortable bed. Free on-demand movies. Free in-room wifi. A stuffed animal mascot in your room. A view of planes at the airport (without the noise). A well stocked snack bar with decent prices. Four or five euro hip lobbies. And the hotel is very reasonably priced.

Walk outside the airport, turn right, walk for 5-10 minutes and you’re there. Check-in and check-out are automated so you don’t have to talk to a human after your 10 hour flight if you don’t want to (although there is someone to help you if you need it). Because I used most of my words at work last week and expect to use a lot again this upcoming week, the rest of this is pictures.

Jetson tubes – front is the shower, back is the toilet

2014-05-04 CitizenM 01

Mood pad

2014-05-04 CitizenM 02

Mood lighting

2014-05-04 CitizenM 03

Room mascot

2014-05-04 CitizenM 04

Dinner from snack bar (it looks like I got carrots and grapes – that seems odd)

2014-05-04 CitizenM 05

Lots of lobbies…

2014-05-04 CitizenM 06

2014-05-04 CitizenM 07

2014-05-04 CitizenM 08

2014-05-04 CitizenM 09

2014-05-04 CitizenM 10

There are a handful of other citizenMs, including London, Paris and a new one in Times Square.




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