Revenge of the Food Trucks

Last spring I wrote about my favorite Seattle food trucks. Since then I’ve attended a couple food truck festivals, been spoiled by daily food trucks a short walk from work and paid several visits to a new neighborhood microbrewery that has food trucks every night. Needless to say, I’ve added some favorites to my list. Here they are in alphabetical order.

Big Boys Filipino – First alphabetically on the list and also my favorite truck. It seems to stay mostly on the south end and rarely posts online where it will be, so it’s a bit of a challenge for me to find it. But when I do, I get the tocino pork rice platter. I’ve never had anything else because the pork is just that good. My mouth is watering just typing this.

2015-07-26 Food 01

Biscuit Box – This is on here because it’s one of those rare trucks that provides breakfast, and it visits an office building by me each and every Friday so it always signals the weekend to me. It offers both sweet and savory biscuits, but I’ve only ever had the strawberry biscuit. Always a good start to the last day of the week.

2015-07-26 Food 02

How the Pickle Got Out of a Jam – Full disclosure – I’ve only been here once. But the crab gazpacho I had was so incredible, this place makes the list.

2015-07-26 Food 03

Nosh – This truck bills itself as having the best fish & chips in Seattle, and I think that’s right. It’s classic British fish & chips, complete with a side of minty mushy peas and (usually) served by someone with a British accent. The overall menu is pretty gourmet (bone marrow, rabbit…), but I usually stick with the fish & chips. Last time I got the caprese sandwich which was super tasty too.

2015-07-26 Food 04

Off the Rez – This one is all about Indian tacos – fry bread with meat, veggies and a sauce. My favorite is the BBQ pork taco with slow roasted pork. One of these days I need to get around to trying one of their sweet taco offerings too.

2015-07-26 Food 05

Peasant Food Manifesto – This truck wins for creativity. Just tonight I had the Pho-renchy, a French dip with pho ingredients. A couple months ago at a taco truck challenge I tried their entry – a duck confit taco called What the Duck – which was my favorite both in name and in taste.

2015-07-26 Food 06 2015-07-26 Food 07

Ultimate Melt – This is one of a handful of grilled cheese trucks. I don’t go very often because this is certainly something I can make at home for cheaper, but sometimes it’s nice to break up a long work day with some comfort food. I’m putting it on the list because a co-worker described their carne asada grilled cheese as “life-changing.”

I will continue my research over the upcoming months and report back. Also, stay tuned for a future post about the food truck scene in Copenhagen. A very pleasant surprise on a visit there earlier this summer.


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