The To Do List

When I told people I was going to leave my job and take several months off, two of the most common questions I was asked were “What are you going to do?” and “Are you going to blog about it?” Now that I’m about a week into my sabbatical, I still haven’t fully hammered out the answer to the first question, but based on my experience so far, I’m pretty sure whatever that answer ends up being won’t be interesting enough to write about (please ignore the fact that here I am writing about it….).

But for those who were wondering, here is a partial list of things I’ve done, plan to do or contemplated doing so far:

  • Make to do lists – I was surprised this work habit has carried over to the sabbatical, but it is very ingrained!
  • Curse this PNW “summer” we’re having so far – how can the weather suck even in Eastern Washington?!
  • Find new ways to procrastinate my first backpacking trip – the weather is definitely helping here
  • Obsess over hiking websites and Facebook pages
  • Picket outside the GOP and/or Democratic conventions
  • Write cranky letters to the editor of the Seattle Times
  • Send complaints to customer service departments of Fortune 500 companies
  • Write comment letters to the FASB and PCAOB on proposed accounting and auditing guidance
  • Think of ways to save money
  • Master my mojito recipe (cheaper than wine)
  • Embrace my inner Martha Stewart by making homemade food
  • Get a tattoo
  • Learn how to design apps so I can develop a food truck app that is actually useful
  • Gossip with retired people in my building
  • See matinees with retired people
  • Start stockpiling cats to work toward Crazy Cat Lady status
  • Resume my tour of Seattle cheap eats – Bok a Bok hit the spot last week, and I’m hoping to try a ramen burger this week
  • Resume my tour of lower mid-range hotels of Eastern Washington
  • Watch TV shows from April that are still on the TiVo – don’t tell me who won Survivor….
  • Order travel books
  • Try to convince my working friends to join me for happy hour at 3 pm

Am I missing anything important?




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