Food Trucks Strike Back

A transcendent food truck experience today prompted me to write a post about the food trucks I have come to love since last writing about food trucks in July 2015.  Here are my new favorites in alphabetical order.

Anchor End Pretzel Shoppe – Sandwiches on giant soft pretzels.  Need I say more?  My favorite from the short menu is the Dictator – pulled pork, pork belly and lots of melted cheese.  While looking up the name of my favorite on the website, I just saw they now have a chicken parm on a pretzel – next time!


The Dictator


Fire and Scrape – This stand at the Fremont Sunday Farmers’ Market serves traditional Swiss raclette, which is basically melted cheese over vegetables.  Maybe I could recreate this at home, but I love that a visit here smells and tastes just like Switzerland.



The process of scraping the cheese is more photogenic than the result

Kiss My Grits – This is the truck I visited today.  I was tempted by the shrimp and grits, but I went with the pork belly and grits, and it was amazing.  Will need to go back and try the other offerings.


Pork belly and grits

Mo Pockets – This truck features very tasty Asian sandwiches, but it’s elusive…at least for eastside workers.

Peach and the Pig – I really like the pulled pork sandwich from this place, and it’s HUGE and well-priced.  I was not a fan of the Brussels sprouts in the photo (they were barely cooked), plus the sandwich alone is enough for two meals.


Wood Shop BBQ – This place has grown on me as I’ve tried its pulled pork mac & cheese and its chili mac.


Pulled pork mac & cheese

For the next three months I’ll be working at an office that has at least two food trucks every day, so I may be broadening my horizons soon.


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